Be a dropshipper


Dropshipping is a logistics method which offers several advantages.

By choosing dropshipping, you don't have to invest in inventory or logistics operations.

1- A customer places an order on your shop and pays the product.

2- Order validated, got cash! Order your sold product on our website.

3- Our team is responsible for the preparation and shipping of the product. It is shipped directly from our warehouse to your customer on your behalf.

4- A tracking number is sent to you by the end of the day, allowing you to follow the delivery of the package and inform your customer. You will be able to communicate it to the Colissimo services in case of questions relating to the expedition.

The final customer is your customer, he receives a package in which is placed a delivery note in your name and with your logo if you have downloaded it into your account.

Dropshipping orders usually do not exceed 1 kg.

You will save time, in order preparation, and money, in delivery costs. The delivery will be faster.

Important note: As the final customer is your customer, you have to manage your after-sales service. We won't accept any return due to an error of size or color, unless you have subscribed to our return insurance

Sauf si vous avez souscris à l'assurance retour proposée lors du passage de votre commande. L'assurance est décrite en détail ci-dessous.

Costs and setting of dropshipping delivery

Process to validate a dropshipping order

Return insurance

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